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To The Ocean
The artist's reflection based upon objects connected with, and collected by the ocean. The deluxe boxed edition includes collaborative works with artists from Venice, New Mexico and Philadelphia.
Ireland 2022 paintings
Landscapes from my October 2022 returning fellowship at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in Ballycastle, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Paintings are acrylic on 22" x 30" handmade Twinrocker paper.
Covid Year
"COVID Year,” a book of 25 linoleum prints, is a presentation of pandemic thoughts and occurrences, with a focus on the seasonal plants from my garden. “COVID Year” has been selected for exhibition in the Designer Bookbinders International Competition 2022, “A Gathering of Leaves." Currently on display in Edinburgh, UK.
Littorina Obtusata
2021 Unique volume Book with 154 Yellow Periwinkle shells 2 1/8” x 2 1/8 ” x 1 ¼”
Grand Canal
This tunnel book explores the chaotic interface of the Grand Canal in Venice
Mackerel Run
"Mackerel Run” is panorama concertina book form with imagery conveying the sensation of a glittering school of mackerel flashing below the waves on a sunny day. The cut panels swivel to add motion to the pages when opened, reflecting the motion of the school of fish. The seaweed impression is made by directly printing from inked-up pieces of seaweed, then the Rives BFK paper is painted with acrylic and the fish shapes are stamped into the wet paint using a hand-cut rubber stamp.
Edition of 15 with 10 leather-bound copies deluxe edition. Five folios of different birds and nests, ending with a poem remarking on habitat loss and the joys of birdwatching. 
Italian mosaic floor patterns are the inspiration for this tunnel book
Longevity Brand
1999 Flag book of Chinese fortune cookie proverbs with cover from a condensed milk label
Ireland 2021 paintings
Paintings completed during a residency at the Ballinglen Foundation in 2021
Ireland paintings 2019
Series of paintings produced in the fall of 2019 while at the Ballinglen Foundation in Ireland
Nolli Book
Nolli, a map-book collaboration with Philadelphia photographer and Graphic Designer Jon Snyder, is a single-fold book inspired by the artists' stay as visiting artists at the American Academy of Rome, studying the 1787 Nolli map of Rome.
Girdle Book
This medieval style girdle book features pages of sketch fragments executed while in Ireland
Medieval Chained Book
Alice's take on a medieval style of binding that includes a chain attached to the book for security
To The Garden
Inspired by the artist's urban community garden and the history that lies beneath the surface
Illuminated Manuscript
A book of repurposed vellum painted upon with studies of natural elements gathered by the artist
An in-depth tunnel book exploring the Irish seacoast
Meet Me In My Kitchen
The magic of pies embodied in a multi-fold book
Box of Happiness
A circular paper spinning device housed in a paper box and full of happiness
Red Yellow Blue
This map-fold book can be arranged with multiple copies into various forms
Milk, Butter, Eggs
A reflection upon everyday household chores embodied in a structure that can assume many forms
Venice Map Book
A map-fold book that explores the futility of using a map in Venice
Ca d'Oro
A tunnel book inspired by the Palazzo Ca D'oro in Venice
Venice Studio View
A tunnel book reflecting the multi-layered viewpoints one encounters in Venice
The artist's reflections upon the death of a close friend and the dreams that endure
Meatball Math
Meatball Math represents the recipe for the number of meatballs I estimate I make in one year - one thousand, four hundred and eight. Hand-set wood and metal type plus pressure prints printed on a Vandercook press. Binding consists of four turkish style map folds glued together. Closed, the shape of the book resembles a house which then opens into a circle held by a magnet closure
1998, 3" x 3" closed. Linoleum cut origami fold book.
A vivid pop-up book explores bringing a new life into the world
Whale Tail
A moment of a child's imagination is captured in this fold-out book
Tides is a book of memories both visual and poetic — a tribute to a loved one
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