Milk, Butter, Eggs
5.75 x 7.75" (closed)
Edition of 16
$600 (Sold out)
The accordion structure can be opened and displayed several ways. Cover is two etchings. Interior with four etchings on Rives lightweight. Foreground is relief printed on Mohawk coverweight. In archival box.
This book is a visual reflection on the repetition of the daily chores at my household — the grocery list always starts with milk, butter and eggs. The cover is an abstract shape, perhaps a dinner bell, perhaps a feather duster, surrounded by a grocery list - the eternal milk, butter, eggs. The interior of the book has a foreground of the city block I live on - the endless row houses. When opened and set up, the book makes a geometric shape, a complete circle or a long line of all vertically oriented rectangles that echo the shape of the houses and the shape of the windows. Looking through the four windows you see the kitchen, then the laundry line and dishes (twice), and finally the view looking out of the kitchen while having a coffee break. The book is a quiet meditation on the routines of daily life.